Mexican Chiapas Water processed, lightly roasted for true Mayan character, flavorful and smooth in cup.

  Sumatra GayolandWater processed Deep robust this medium-dark roast is a wonderfully smooth dessert coffee.

French RoastWater processed, Dark roasted like its regular counterpart for a rich dense cup..


  Peru Pangoa lively light roast typically presents aromas of fudge, caramel and nougat; milk chocolate and floral notes; a smoky, cocoa-like aftertaste; and low acidity

  Green Mesa BlendA smooth and balanced medium roast with a stout body and clean aftertaste

  Bolivia A very smooth, full bodied medium roast. If you enjoy Colombian coffees move south to Bolivia.

  Honduras Strictly High Grown Unique medium / dark roast with a sweet introduction and clean finish.

  Sumatra Gayoland  Rich and robust with a syrupy body, balanced a long, floral aftertaste; & a full body.

  From the  DARKER SIDE


Brewed Daily With Barista Affection and Expertise

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  Uganda Bugisu  Smooth and rich medium roast with a bold introduction and sweet finish. 

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  Peru Pangoa  Water processed, a mild and clean medium light roast like it's' counterpart.

   Rwanda Rushashif   A smooth and balanced medium dark roast with mild acidity a clean finish

  Mexico Chiapas Strictly high grown. Lightly roasted to preserve the subtle floral and citrus characteristics.

  Ethiopia Yirgacheffe From the home of the coffee bean come some of the world's most unique, complex coffees a bright and flavorful light roast.

  Lightly Roasted

  Costa RicaA smooth medium light roast with a bright introduction and clean finish

  Guatamala Hue Hue TenagoGuatemalan coffees boast a gentle acidity; medium body; & a sweet, nutty finish.

  Mexico Oaxaca Strictly High Grown a rich and robust medium roast with a smooth aftertaste and firm body.

  Flores Bajawa  A unique and delicious medium roast

  East Timor  A full bodied medium-dark roast with chocolate notes and a clean finish.

  More of a medium Roast 

  NicaraguaSegovia  Fragrant medium dark roast, full body and a rich, sweet flavor profile, with a slightly nutty finish..

  JavaA full bodied medium-dark roast if you enjoy Asian coffees this is a rear treat. Ideal as a French press or drip coffee .

  French Roast  Dark roasted for a rich smoky brew..

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