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Queso Creperito
We start with our fresh Red whole grain crepe, followed by a drizzling of our local queso dip sauce*

Pulled Pork Verde Creperito
Pulled Pork, Potatoes, eggs, cheese, wrapped in our locally grown and ground crepe and garnished with our local green chile..


     Sausage, Egg, and Cheese folded together in a local red whole wheat crepe

     Thin sliced pork with honey mustard barbecue sauce folded in our locally done crepe.

   Toppings include: Jelly, Nutella, Raw sugar, White Sugar, Honey, cinnamon, Chocolate, strawberries, and 

   strawberry cream cheese.

   Toppings include: Cream Cheese, Strawberry Cream Cheese, Whipped Cream, Cheese.

From the kitchen of micks coffee we are happy to introduce CREPERITOS!

Introducing a new adventure for crepe- burrito lovers around the world!

The Creperito

   Come by and try our local creation, brought to you by the chefs of Micks coffee and served only through us, The Creperito! Try a Creperito made with meats from the locally owned Berto farms, the slowly cooked pulled pork and green chile crepe or maybe a thin sliced pork and honey mustard bbq creperito might better suit your taste buds!

Fill your morning with sunshine and Our Crepes; Sweet, Spicy, or Creamy

Cinnamon Log

Wrapped in our locally done crepe and made with cinnamon, raw cane sugar, and a touch of butter these Creperitos are new to the menu and going fast.

Breakfast On The Go Creperito
Spicy Sausage, eggs, and cheese, folded in one of our fresh locally done crepes.

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