Meet the Farmers:


Our Bolivian coffee comes from the semitropical South Yungas region of Inquisivi in the Department of La Paz, a region with elevation of 1,600-1,800 feet. The AIPEP producer cooperative, part of the larger FECAFEB exporting co-op, has 97 small-farm members, with the total potential for production of two containers of organic coffee per year.

In Perspective.

Like most coffee-producing countries, Bolivia has long been heavily impoverished. In order to successfully produce quality coffee & support their own economic & environmental sustainability, farmers need infrastructure & technology. Thankfully, the fair trade &organic coffee movement has provided support & opportunities to these farmers.

A vast majority of Bolivia’s coffee is grown in the rural Yungas areas, where organic Arabica varietals thrive on small plots that have been redistributed from larger landholdings back to farming families. The rugged terrain often presents a challenge, but the Bolivian farmers who grow our coffee are working hard to produce a very high quality product.

A Quality Cup.

Our Bolivian Caranavi typically presents a clean cup with a rich body, notes of semi-sweet chocolate & cranberry, & a smooth, creamy finish. Along with notes of toasty hazelnut, the discerning palate will pick up hints of mango, lemon, & honey in this dynamic brew.